Victoria Park

The Pavilion Cafe, situated on the lake in East London’s 170 year old royal Victoria Park is where our cafe story began – inside our namesakes iconic pavilion. The building itself started life as a meeting place for locals on a park stroll in smoggy Victorian London – the green space originally commissioned by Queen Victoria to provide some fresh air for working class East Enders. Through its many years of service it’s seen periods of sustained neglect, (even storing row boats for a time) so we hope its current incarnation provides a public meeting place by and for the community. We like to think the Pavilion building has rediscovered its roots, to once again become the beating heart of the park.

Since 2007 the “Pav” has been serving locally-sourced, restaurant standard food at affordable prices to everyone from pram pushers, dog walkers, students, runners, pensioners, entrepreneurs and local eastenders. Since going meat-free a few years ago, we proudly offer a plant based brunch menu (with the occasional bit of sustainable fish), cracking coffee, fresh bread and a trailblazing Sri Lankan menu. Read more about our Sri Lankan story here.

After a long leafy stroll through the park, come by and restore yourself with our famous hearty Sri Lankan breakfast (and a delicious coffee while you’re at it), perch on our purpose built deck overlooking the lake and watch the resident coots build their nest under your feet.

Victoria Park,
Old Ford Road,
London E9 7DE

Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM
Saturday - Sunday 8AM - 4PM