Situated in a lovingly refurbished lifeboat shelter on Newquays main drag Fore Street, our Cornwall store celebrates everything our East London spots have to offer, but in one of the UK’s quintessential seaside destinations. Much like the communal origins of our beloved Victoria Park Pavilion building, the lifeboat shelter saw years of neglect before we came across it and decided it was the right site for the Pavilion’s new seaside home in 2017. Serving the local community is our main agenda, and that’s why you’ll see no hiked-up tourist prices here. Newquay holds a special place in our Pavilion story, it really is about taking a little and giving a whole lot back (the Pavilion proudly supports hungry local surfers with discounted food and sponsorship).

In line with our London sites, the “Pav” in Newquay follows the same basic principles – freshly baked bread and pastries (made by our dedicated team of bakers in our purpose built off site bakery, changing seasonal lunch menu, and it also extends our Sri Lankan story down to the South-West Coast. We provide the local community their daily bread as well as a new social hub to meet, sip coffee and enjoy wood-fired lunch specials.

Go out and catch some waves, walk up the stone steps adjacent to the old harbour, rest your board on the disused Dolphin bar next door. Order yourself a sweet chai to get the energy levels back up, munch on our classic avo on toast with a Sri Lankan twist, and get back in! We don’t care who you are, here’s to your dream.

37 Fore St,
Newquay TR7 1HD

Monday - Friday 7AM - 3PM
Saturday - Sunday 7AM - 4PM

Phone: 01637 873465